Our vision is a sustainable, far-sighted society that fulfills the needs of both individuals and employers.

Our vision is a long-term sustainable society with perfect match between individuals and employers.

Where we stand

Every time we help an individual build a new future, we help build business and society too. Our focus on preparing people for today’s and tomorrow’s market helps create new generations of driven, self-reliant individuals, with the initiative and skills enterprise needs. By realizing the dreams of individuals we realize the needs of business and society. This social mission demands we constantly stay true to our integrity and our long-term vision and perspective.

Our strategic work is driven by this perspective. It is a heartfelt priority for both our executive group management team and the management teams of our 11 companies. It is built on three clear pillars.


”Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela


Technology is advancing exponentially, with far-reaching consequences for the structure and content of education. Not to mention a dramatic impact on the careers that await our students on completing their training. Learning modules based either entirely or partially online, for example, are already well established at Intendia. And we continuously monitor the development of new technological advances within Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), cognitive aids and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure that what we offer is relevant and optimised to providing the best possible opportunities for our students.

Preparing them for a future career also means being able to work with, and stay abreast of, new innovations as they are becoming established. So, to take an example, we need to weigh the effect of AI, wrapped in a human guise, becoming reality. Employees in the healthcare and care sector could find  themselves working side-by-side with robot colleagues sooner rather than later. Of course, the fact is few of us can say with certainty when or what effect this will have on our workplaces or processes. But as strategic educators we focus on being well ahead of developments.


Our systematic quality assurance work is based on always satisfying the demands and wishes of our customers. Quality assurance not only monitors compliance with rules and regulations at group and educational establishment level, but also defines and forms the basis for development and future investments. Our quality assurance work is documented in an annual QA report. In it we set out which areas we are strong in, and which we need to improve, both as a group and per company. The findings of the QA report are an essential part of our business plans for the coming year, both for the group and each respective company.

Group QA Policy

We are a leading education group that combines our unique history with a sound business vision for the benefit of society, customers and individual students.

  • We develop innovative and sustainable education programmes oriented to specific results for each individual student. What we do and how we do this will satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers and always be in compliance with applicable legislation and directives.
  • Attracting a sufficient number of students that assure the high quality of our services is crucial for where and how we provide these services.
  • Our Quality Assurance system covers all our employees and everything we do. Continuous quality development ensures we implement our social missions professionally.

Finansiell information

Adult learning

Research into how adults learn is a key driver for Intendia. We constantly leverage new research findings and methods, so that we can  develop our companies based on a proven combination of scientific research and tried-and-tested experience.

Our educational establishments span a diverse range of adult learning. Our students have vastly different challenges and backgrounds. We take into account current research that emphasises how previous experience influences how adults learn today, whether positive or negative.

And we look forward into our students’ lives too. We know that adult education is often associated with new beginnings and a new chapter in life. Situations when we rethink, change course completely, or embrace new learning to advance our careers. For some this can be a freely-chosen decision, for others the change can be forced upon them. That’s why researchers often emphasise the importance of adult education connecting clearly to the next stage in our life. At Intendia it’s an integral part of our methodology.