The power of 11 leading education providers—all with their own unique strengths, personality and history.

Intendia consists of eleven strong and independent brands, all with their own unique orientation and history.

The power of 11

Intendia Group is a leading adult education and skills provider made up of eleven educational establishments of excellence across Sweden and Norway. But it doesn’t end there.

Bjørknes Privatskole

Bjørknes Privatskole in Oslo has long experience of offering upper secondary school courses.


Competens offers foundation and upper secondary school education courses in Sweden.


Iris is active in over 70 locations in Sweden and offers support and services for people with disabilities.


JobLearn has bases in over 20 locations in Norway and contributes to creating an inclusive society.


Junglemap offers an innovative opportunity for e-learning in a simple but effective way.


MedLearn is the number one company in Sweden for health and social care education.


NKI is a Norwegian leader in distance learning and specialises in various types of vocational training courses.


Treider is a Norwegian vocational school in administration, commerce and design.